Denise Richards is a big fan of Canada.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star chatted to ET Canada’s Shreya Khanna alongside her hairstylist Laura Rugetti about the new show “Blowing L.A.”

As Richards realized our show is filmed in Toronto, she explained how her husband Aaron Phypers — whom she tied the knot with in 2018 — was from there.

The actress gushed, “I love all of you Canadians. I really love Canada so much.

“[In Canada] everyone is just so incredibly friendly and nice.”

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Richards — who insisted she’d come to the studio at some point — later asked where Khanna was from, with her saying when told she was from Vancouver: ” I love Vancouver too.”

During the interview, Richards had her hair done by Rugetti, whose incredible work with multiple celebrity clients is shown during her appearance on “Blowing L.A.”

Denise Richards’ final look for ET Canada. Credit: Laura Rugetti
Denise Richards’ final look for ET Canada. Credit: Laura Rugetti

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A synopsis for the show reads, “Going behind-the-scenes of two of the hottest salons in Hollywood to draw back the curtain on the cut-throat world of celebrity hairstyling, where cuts cost up to $2400 and creative visionaries fight to stay on top.”

Give the trailer for “Blowing L.A.”, which is airing on Paramount+ Canada, a watch below.