Nepotism usually flows from parent to child, but not in the case of Lana Del Rey.

That’s because Del Rey’s dad, Rob Grant, is about to release his debut album, the 14-track Lost At Sea, and has already unveiled a few singles, including “Setting Sail On A Distant Horizon”.

Del Rey – whose real name is Lizzie Grant – is reportedly featured on two of the album’s tracks, while her frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff is one of the album’s producers.

As a result, Grant has been dubbed a “nepo daddy” — a term he embraces.

“The nepo daddy thing I love,” the 69-year-old told GQrevealing he first encounter the term via Instagram comments.

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“I’m happy to be the first nepo daddy,” he declared.

Not only has Grant leaned into the “nepo daddy” label, he’s already been monetizing it by launching his own branded merch.

“Nobody wants to give anyone any credit for doing anything. God forbid that you actually have talent. People don’t want to acknowledge that. They will find a way to undermine you and to really make you feel bad about yourself,” he explained

“So the nepo daddy thing, I love that,” he added. “Hell, I’ll sell you hats, T-shirts, canvas bags, you name it.”