Tom Sandoval is back in the hot seat.

On Wednesday night, the three-part “Vanderpump Rules” reunion got started, and it was full of drama surrounding Sandoval cheating on ex Ariana Madix with co-star Raquel Leviss.

Due to a temporary restraining order against Scheana Shay, which has since been dismissed, Leviss watched everything go down on a TV in a private room.

As such, Sandoval caught most of the flack during the first installment of the reunion, with Lala Kent saying of him, “This is a dangerous human being.”

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Given the opportunity to speak to the group, Sandoval began, “Uh, …I just, uh…want to thank everybody for being…” before being overcome by emotion.

“Pull yourself together, man,” Leviss’ ex-fiancé James Kennedy told him.

Kent shouted, “You’re not a victim!”

“I’m not a victim,” Sandoval agreed, in tears, to which Madix called out, “The sad sack act is f**king bulls**t.”

“Be a man, mate. Be a man,” Kennedy threw in. “Pull yourself together. F**king crocodile tears. P***y.”

In a solo interview with host Andy Cohen, Sandoval also opened up about how his affair started, revealing that he started having feelings for Leviss last year as he got to know her more.

“When did you first hook up?” Cohen asked, to which Sandoval explained, “So we had that guys’ night at the Mondrian. …That very next See You Next Tuesday. We weren’t a part of it, but then a bunch of us went to the Abbey, and it was that night.”

Madix, meanwhile, dropped a big bombshell claim about Sandoval’s infidelity beyond just his affair with Leviss.

“I think he caused the divide in the relationship because he was f**king other people,” she said, when asked by Cohen which caused problems between them.

“Other people is very different [than just] Raquel,” Lisa Vanderpump said, to which Madix responded, “He’s f**ked more than Raquel.”

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When Cohen brought up Sandoval’s claim that he and Madix hadn’t been intimate in a long time, she told him, “Having intimacy issues does not excuse literally any f**king thing. You work on it, or you break up. So going through the f**king ins and outs of our relationship is f**king pointless.”

Things got especially heated when Kennedy got into an expletive-filled shouting match with Sandoval.

“Get in my face again, I’ll f**k you up, motherf**ker,” Sandoval threatened, as Kennedy got out of his seat to approach him.

Kennedy fired back, “I’ll f**k you up so quickly,” as Cohen tried to get him back in his seat.

Part 2 of the “Vanderpump Rules” reunion airs June 1, followed by Part 3 on June 8.