Melissa McCarthy is opening up about her refusal to watch “Gilmore Girls” in her home despite the special place it holds in her heart.

“The Little Mermaid” star, 52, portrayed Lorelai’s beloved bestie Snookie St. James on the iconic WB series. In a recent interview on “Sunday Today with Willie Geist”, she reveals why she can no longer watch the show in her own home.

McCarthy revealed that she can’t bring herself to watch the series due to her comical fear of getting caught in the act.

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“I watched it with Vivian once, my oldest, and we watched the pilot…and I was watching her watch it,” she explained.

The comedy queen continued elaborating that she’s “always afraid somehow, something’s going to happen, and I’m going to be found in a room watching my own thing. So I have a super paranoia about ‘I can’t watch my own stuff in the house.'”

“For some reason I’m always like what if I pass out and paramedics come in and the takeaway is she was watching her own stuff, weird. Every time I turn on a tv and it’s me I’m like, ‘Oh god do I feel lightheaded. I don’t want to pass out in a room where my stuff’s playing.'”

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During the conversation, McCarthy also reflected on the enduring legacy of “Gilmore Girls”.

“It’s had legs on it that I didn’t expect,” she happily admits. “It has had this generational legacy, young people that watched it, now that they have kids, and they watch it with their kids, and now their kids are watching it with their own friends.”

McCarthy concluded that the show “means a lot to me.”

“Gilmore Girls” is currently streaming on Netflix.