Hailee Steinfeld is all in on the Spider-Verse.

The actress recently sat down with ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante to talk about returning to the role of Gwen Stacy in the animated sequel “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse”.

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Given the surprise success, including an Oscar win, for the first movie, Steinfeld shared how she feels her relationship to the franchise has changed.

“I too had that moment of wondering what this was going to be like and how exactly it would turn out,” she said of the first film. “And I think it’s safe to say, at that point, I don’t know that anyone could have predicted what ended up happening with the reach of ‘Into the Spider-Verse.'”

She added, “This has touched me in ways that I just have never felt before, never experienced before. This has obviously become such a huge part of my life.”

Talking about working on the sequel for the last four years, and four years on the previous film, Steinfeld said, “This is this has become a part of me. And the messaging in this film, doing these sessions almost feel like you’re just sort of doing a few hours of affirmations.”

She continued, “The messaging is so special and so important and so beautiful in so many ways, and for so many people of all ages from anywhere in the world, that it serves as an incredible reminder that you can take that leap of faith. And once you understand and feel what it feels like to walk in your purpose, great things can happen.”

Asked how amped she was getting to see how much more Gwen gets to do in the sequel, she said, “Oh, I’m so excited. So excited. We learn so much more about her. We get to dig a little deeper into her origin story and spend more time with her. She’s an incredible character. So I really loved the fact that it was very clear the filmmakers weren’t about to let this bold, bold voice go unheard.”

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Between voicing Gwen in the animated Spider-Man films, and playing Kate Bishop in the “Hawkeye” series, fans have to wonder whether a crossover with her playing both roles might be in our future.

“Here’s the thing. Anything is possible,” she said. “And if there’s one thing I’ve learned while being in this universe, that is that anything can happen. And at any time. So, yeah, I’m right there with you, waiting to see what happens.”

“Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” opens in theatres June 2.