Jana Kramer shared some big news on her “Whine Down” podcast.

During Thursday’s episode, the actress and singer revealed she’s engaged to Allan Russell after “six and a half months” of dating.

“He asked me to marry him,” she revealed, going on to explain how Russell proposed after hosting a pool party one day.

“He took me and the kids for a walk up to the new house,” she began, noting that she likes “to go there and check on things” and that the home, which “is gonna be done in August,” is “really coming along.”

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“It was a really beautiful night and we were all sitting on the front porch steps and just looking out at the view because the view is just stunning. He said my name and got down on one knee. Then Jolie just started jumping up and down. It was the cutest thing ever. It was like she knew what was happening,” Kramer continued.

The “One Tree Hill” star, who’s already changed Allan’s name in her phone to fiancé, said she “kind of blacked out at that point,” but remembers the Scottish native saying “some things like, ‘You’re the love of my life,’ and ‘Will you marry me.’

“Then we just both started crying. It felt very sentimental given the front porch of the new house, new beginnings. It just felt right,” she said. “It was perfect. We were actually supposed to be in Jamaica but something happened with the resort so we ended up staying here, but honestly that is exactly what I would have wanted, was at the house… I don’t need the roses and the whole glam setup.”

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Kramer, 39, noted that the couple had discussed marriage, but didn’t feel rushed to take the next step. She even revealed she “had conversations about it” with her ex-husband Mike Caussin, whom she shares her two children with — daughter Jolie, 7, and son Jace, 4.

“[Mike] likes Allan because they’ve hung out, you know, at games and stuff together,” Kramer said of everything being “great” between the two. “[Mike] had asked me, ‘Do you think you and Allan will get married?’ and I’m like, ‘We’ve definitely talked about it.’ [Mike] already knew that [Russell] is my partner whether we get married or engaged or whatever.”

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She went on to explain that Caussin eventually learned of her engagement during a FaceTime call with Jolie, in which he was happy and supportive.

“He was like, ‘Congratulations. I’m really happy for you. Allan’s a great guy.

“Then I started to cry,” she said, “’cause he goes, ‘Of all people you deserve to have someone who loves you and respects you.’ He was like, ‘After everything I put you through, you deserve this more than anyone’ and it meant so much to me that he said that.”

Kramer and Caussin had a messy marriage as they navigated infidelity. They split in April 2021 after six years of marriage, and, that July, their divorce was finalized. Kramer’s nuptials to Russell will mark her fourth marriage.

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