Oprah Winfrey isn’t eyeing Dianne Feinstein’s senate seat. As retirement rumours swirl around the 89-year-old senator from California, a spokesperson for Winfrey tells ET that the media magnate “is not considering the seat should it become vacant.”

Feinstein, the oldest member of Congress, is facing a myriad of health challenges. She was recently hospitalized with shingles, which has left her with vision and balance issues. As such, Feinstein, who’s been using a wheelchair as of late, has been working a lighter schedule.

Lately, the Democrat has been facing some pressure from within her own party to resign before her term ends in January 2025. If Feinstein were to retire, California Governor Gavin Newsom would pick her replacement.

The questions about Feinstein’s staying power date back all the way to 2021. At the time, Newsom said he would appoint a Black woman should Feinstein’s seat become available.

Speculation that Winfrey could wind up in the seat began when The AP reported that her name had been floated as a potential contender “in California circles.”

The outlet speculated that, if appointed, Winfrey would be “a caretaker” for the senate seat, someone who’d serve out the rest of Feinstein’s term but not run for reelection, while also fulfilling Newsom’s promise to name a Black woman to the role.

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