Elliot Page is opening up about his transition.

Witht he upcoming release of his memoir Pageboy, the Canadian actor shared an excerpt with People, and talked about his transition journey, including the difficulties he faced.

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“There’s obviously been very difficult moments. I do feel like I kind of barely made it in many ways. But today, I’m just me and grateful to be here and alive and taking one step at a time,” Page said.

The 36-year-old also talked about being so public with their transition, and the importance of that for other trans people around the world.

“My experience as a trans person and this life I have, and the privilege I have does not represent the reality of most trans lives,” the actor said. “I think it’s crucial, I think we need to feel represented and see ourselves, you know, that’s not something I had like as a kid. The reality is, trans people disproportionately are unemployed, disproportionately experience homelessness. Trans women of colour are being murdered. People are losing their healthcare or couldn’t access it.”

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Talking about sitting down to write a memoir about his experiences, Page admitted, “I didn’t think I could write a book.”

“Books, particularly memoirs, have really shifted my life, offered me inspiration, comfort, been humbling, all of those things. And I think this period of not just hate, of course, but misinformation or just blatant lies about LGTBQ+ lives, about our healthcare, it felt like the right time,” he said. “Trans and queer stories are so often picked apart, or worse, universalized. So the first chapter of Pageboy. I just sat down, and it came out and I just didn’t stop. I just kept writing.”

Pageboy will be available June 6.