Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos like finding new ways to annoy their kids.

On Thursday’s episode of “Live with Kelly and Mark”, the couple revealed that they like to pretend French kissing in front of their children.

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Talking about the French kiss, Consuelos said it’s “one of my favourites,” and joked, “It’s one of our kids’ favourites, when we’re doing it. They love that.”

“We never French in front of the kids,” Ripa responded, as Consuelos clarified, “We fake it.”

Ripa laughed, “We make them think we’re Frenching, because it disgusts them.”

The husband and wife are parents to three children: Joaquin, 20, Lola, 21, and Michael, 25.

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They subject came up when they discussed a study that showed that about half of cultures around the world don’t engage in romantic kissing, which led Consuelos to wonder when he and Ripa first kissed.

Ripa explained that she and Consuelos actually started kissing “right away,” even before they started dating, because it was part of their screen tests for “All My Children”.