Ray Liotta’s fianceé Jacy Nittolo is reflecting on their memories together in a heartfelt tribute one year after his untimely passing.

The Golden Globe-nominated actor died in his sleep in the Dominican Republic at 67.

On Friday, Nittolo, 48, shared a mournful Instagram post honouring his life with photos and a touching commemoration of their life together.

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The carousel of photos showed a variety of intimate moments between the two which perfectly captured the strength of their bond.

“A year ago today I was on a flight home from the Dominican Republic by myself in shock. My entire world unexpectedly turned upside down,” she recounted.

“I’ll never forget the beautiful woman, a complete stranger, who sat next to me and didn’t say a word. She gently grabbed and held my hand the entire flight as I cried and looked out the window.”

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“When we landed she looked at me and said everything is going to be ok. Your going to be ok,” she explained. “I walked off the plane and met Rays sister for a connecting flight to LA and I don’t know what I would have done without Linda that night.”

The mom-of-five described the past year as a “heavy year of pain, heartache, healing, growing and accepting what is. Learning to smile at what was.”

Nittolo finds solace in the love of Liotta’s daughter, Karsen, and her own children – Dax, Chazz, Jade, and Joey – who “keep me going every single day.”

She also revealed the bittersweet connection between her beloved grandmother, who passed away two decades ago on the same day: “She was the other love of my life and one of my favorites of all time. Both on 5/26.”