Hilari Baldwin is returning to her online fitness demonstrations.

Earlier this week, the wife of actor Alec Baldwin shared a video of some exercises she’d been doing to build up her core strength, in order to combat some back problems from the birth of the couple’s sixth child (they welcomed their seventh via surrogate).

I have been having some lower back stuff since baby was born, so I’m really trying to improve my core strength,” wrote Baldwin in the caption for her video.

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“Especially after having so many children, I really have to focus on my internal muscles,” she continued.

“True strength is not often visible and this is why we need to go inside with our awareness and feeling. While doing all of these, I’m focusing on activating my pelvic floor and initiating each movement from inside, rather than relying on my limbs to drive me thru (think sensation of trying not to pee, to put it plainly—kegels),” she added.

“Anyway, missed sharing my workouts with you and for those who come up to me on the street and I have the pleasure to meet in person, you are always asking me where my ig workouts went. Here they are,” Baldwin concluded.