The second-season finale of “Yellowjackets” has arrived, and star Sophie Thatcher advises fans to buckle up.

“Natalie has a twist,” she says of her character, portrayed in the present by Juliette Lewis.

This season has already seen the girls cross a big line as they struggle to survive through the winter as they’re stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash. According to Thatcher, however, that was just a warmup.

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“Things keep getting darker when you think they couldn’t get darker, it just keeps getting worse for them,” she hints.

“Yup, it gets bad. You think it’s bad already? Nah!'” she adds.

Given that “Yellowjackets” has been renewed for a third season, Thatcher says that viewers can expect the situation to grow even more shocking.

“Things just keep getting worse. I think they’re losing their sense of selves, and as they get further and further away from society they lose their morality, to some extent, and lose their grounding, and just become more unhinged,” she explains.

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The season 2 finale of “Yellowjackets” is streaming now, and will air on Sunday, May 28.