“White Lotus” creator Mike White has a few ideas up his sleeve regarding the future of the hit HBO series.

While chatting with Hollywood Reporter, White revealed he’s open to revisiting past characters in a future season like Jon Gries’ Greg, who staged the murder of Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya McQuoid.

“It would be easy to just be full-on anthology, but I think it’s more fun to have little threads through the show,” White, who also serves as the series’ sole writer and director, said of the show’s shift from limited series to drama. “If the show goes on for a couple of seasons, it would be fun to have an all-star season.”

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However, White isn’t set on sticking to a certain plan or delivering expectations like beginning every new season with a mysterious corpse.

“I don’t think it needs to always be a body,” he told the publication. “There are so many ways that we want to reinvent the show each year. Like, what is this show — other than people? A fresh mystery, people maybe expect that. But I don’t feel constrained by expectation. It’s fun.”

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Although a third season has been greenlit, “The White Lotus” is currently on hold due to the ongoing standstill between studios and the Writers Guild. In the meantime, White has been scouting potential locations like Thailand for season 3‘s set, plus, he’s already secured one former cast member for the upcoming season — Natasha Rothwell, who portrayed the spa manager, Belinda, in season 1.

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