Lenny Kravitz’s mom embraced his unique style, never passed judgment and loved him unconditionally.

In the latest Highsnobiety cover story, where he sported his signature hippie-rock style with a monochromatic silver look, Kravitz, 59, opens up about his mother’s impact on letting him explore his unique fashion taste.

From the late ’80s to today, Lenny Kravitz’s rock and roll rise was fueled by his distinct goth-hippie aesthetic. Decades later, his enduring style continues to drum on.

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Embracing his iconic style wasn’t always met with confidence. Kravitz recalled his early music days: “My friends were like, ‘Your mom’s going to freak.’ We were all nervous.”

Despite his fears, Kravitz fondly remembers his late mom, Roxie Roker’s, response: “She looked me up and down and said, ‘If you’re gonna wear that skirt, you got to change them shoes.'”

The “Fly Away” singer explained: “One thing about my mother, she never judged anybody. She just loved.”

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Kravitz cherished the all-encompassing love of his diverse family, whose Caribbean-American and Jewish-Ukrainian roots nurtured his appreciation for beauty and encouraged his freedom in fashion.

However, reflecting on his fashion journey, Kravitz admits to fashion regrets looking back at some of his past outfit choices, even after years of showcasing his style in magazines and on red carpets.

“It happens all the time,” Kravitz candidly shared about his fashion missteps. He’s now embraced a ‘who cares?’ mindset, acknowledging, “You’re not going to grow if everything’s perfect all the time.”