Jennifer Flavin Stallone is opening up about self-discovery struggles as an empty nester just before her separation from Sylvester Stallone.

On Wednesday’s episode of “The Family Stallone”, Scarlet Stallone, 21, got a helping hand from her supportive sisters and mom as she moved into her own apartment.

However, as Jennifer Flavin, 54, and her daughters, Sophia, 26, and Sistine, 24, bid farewell, the mother of three grappled with the bittersweet reality of becoming an empty nester.

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Jennifer confided in her two eldest daughters, expressing the challenges of being an empty nester: “My greatest joy in life is being a mom, and her being the last to move out, it’s really, really difficult for me and I’m having a really hard time.”

“I just have to figure out who I am now because I don’t really know what I like to do because all I like to do is be your mom.”

Following Scarlet’s departure, Jennifer took a significant step, filing for divorce from Sylvester Stallone on Aug. 19, 2022, only to reconcile the next month.

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Jennifer described the period as a “tricky time in her life” and said she had to “look deep into my heart and figure out what I like doing.”

Engaging in a brainstorming session with her daughters, Jennifer contemplated new hobbies, expressing: “I’ve never played golf or tennis or deep-sea fishing. I don’t even know what I like. It’s a journey of self-discovery for me.”

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