Mike Tindall — a.k.a. husband of Princess Anne’s daughter, Zara Tindall — was among those invited to attend the coronation of King Charles III at Westminster Abbey.

The former pro rugby star, however, wasn’t thrilled with where he was seated, something he revealed during a recent edition of his podcast, “The Good, The Bad & The Rugby”.

Tindall and his wife were seated in the fourth row, next to Zara’s brother, Peter Phillips, in the row behind Prince Harry, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

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While fourth-row seating may seem like a prime location in a venue as large as Westminster Abbey, Tindall complained that he was seated behind a column, forcing him to watch the coronation on TV screens that had been set up throughout the church.

“You’re in the hottest spot, but it was all happening just around the corner of wall that you can’t see!” Tindall said, jokingly adding, “You do have a front-row seat.”

He continued, “It was unbelievable to be sat where we were. Quite frustrating that you couldn’t see around the corner, but you had the TV there. And obviously everything that went on sort of back and front. It’s one of those moments.”

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Despite his seating situation, Tindall admitted he was impressed by the spectacle of the ceremony.

“I think the best bit of the day was the six and a half hours of military footmen that were in the Buckingham Palace backyard, and they did three cheers for the king,” he said. “It was like, whoa, goose pimples.”