Auditions are apparently underway for the next James Bond film, and Rebel Wilson may be a part of it.

During an interview with Variety at Cannes — where the “Pitch Perfect” alum is premiering her directorial debut, “The Deb” — she revealed that she was invited to audition after Bond producers saw her host last year’s BAFTAs.

“What was really cool was getting to audition for Bond,” said Wilson, confirming the audition took place last year — and that she wasn’t auditioning for 007, but for an unspecified role.

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According to Wilson, she landed on Bond producers’ radar when she had to clear some Bond-related jokes in her BAFTAs monologue, which led to the audition.

“We wanted to open up the show with a Bond number because Bond is turning 60 and his girlfriend is turning 25,” Wilson quipped during the 2022 BAFTAs.

“Now, I know there’s been a lot speculation about who is going to become the next James Bond, and there might be some people the audience tonight hoping that it might be them,” she continued, with the camera panning on Sebastian Stan and and then Daniel Kaluuya, to capture their expressions of mock surprise.

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“But fellas, hold on to your martinis, the Broccolis have let me announce it here and now,” she added. “This is a scoop. OK. I’m proud to announce that the new James Bond will be me.”

Quipped Wilson: “In your face, Richard Madden.”

She even served up her own pitch for the new film’s storyline. “Bond goes to Australia and it can be called ‘Die Another G’Day’.”

Wilson also suggested that with her as 007, Bond girls will now be Bond guys. “So no more Pussy Galore, now that’ll be changed to Dickie Bonanza,” she joked. “And because of the gender pay cap, I won’t be called 007, I’ll be called 00-4.5.”

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