Foo Fighters welcomed a very special guest to sit in during their show in Boston on Friday: Shane Hawkins, 17-year-old son of late drummer Taylor Hawkins.

During the band’s headlining spot at the Boston Calling festival — the second date on the band’s summer tour, its first since Hawkins’ death last year — frontman Dave Grohl addressed the crowd.

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“How about we do a song with one of my favourite drummers in the world?” Grohl said. “Ladies and gentlemen, Shane Hawkins!”

The teenager then got behind the drums to join the band for a blistering rendition of “I’ll Stick Around”.

Last weekend, Foo Fighters revealed that Matt Freese would be replacing Hawkins as new drummer, having previously played with acts including Devo, Guns N’ Roses, Nine Inch Nails, Paramore, Weezer and Sting.

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In addition to their summer tour, the Foos also have a new album ready to drop, But Here We Are, scheduled for release on Friday, June 2.