With “Fast X” currently burning rubber at the box office, longtime franchise cast member Ludacris sat down with the “All the Smoke” podcast to discuss the new sequel.

During the conversation, the actor-singer recounted a frequent question he gets, and the answer he gives.

“I hear people say all the time, ‘Why do y’all keep doing these movies?'” Ludacris recalled.

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“That’s the dumbest f**king question in the world I’m gonna tell you why,” he continued.

“Because no matter what industry we in, podcasts, music, movies, it’s all about a bottom line. It’s about how much you spend compared to how much you make. We’re making billions of f**king dollars, and I’m just giving you my heart I’m not trying to brag or nothing,” he explained.

“When some of y’all keep saying, ‘Why do y’all keep shooting these movies?’ Let me tell you why. Because if you spend $200 million and you make a billion, who the f**k is you gonna tell to stop shooting movies when you’re making 800 motherf**king million dollars? How? I need people to stop asking that question. Even if you don’t like it, even if you don’t want to watch it, stop asking that goddam question,” he added.

Ludacris isn’t kidding. Since it’s release on May 19, “Fast X” has raked in more than $500 million worldwide, while the franchise as a whole has grossed $7 billion and counting.

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“Fast X” is in theatres now.