Taking things too far. Pedro Pascal has been a fan-favorite star for years, however, his breakthrough role in “Game of Thrones” almost took its toll!

During a recent edition of The Hollywood Reporter‘s Actor Roundtable Pascal participated in — alongside Kieran Culkin, Jeff Bridges, Michael Imperioli, Evan Peters and Damson Idris — moderator Lacey Rose asked the group about their typical or most memorable interactions with fans.

Damson said how many people joke that he’s “their husband,” while Culkin explained how people seem to feel very comfortable putting their arms around him, or grabbing and touching him.

For Pascal, the interactions he remembers were decidedly more weird.

“I remember, earlier on, because of ‘Game of Thrones’ and the way my character died — speaking of touching — people were super into taking selfies with their thumbs in my eyes,” he joked, referring to how his “GoT” character, Oberyn Martell, was killed in a fight to the death with Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane, who crushed his skull with his hands after gouging out his eyes.

“Wow, that’s a lot of trust,” Culkin joked.

“At first, I was so earnest and happy about the success of the character in the show, I’d let them!” Pascal admitted. “And then I remember getting a bit of an eye infection.”

Thus, the chances of getting to pretend to gouge out his eyes for a fun photo op seem slim for fans in the future.

During the lengthy and candid conversation, Pascal was also asked about the “daddy narrative” that has developed around him in the public consciousness, and he laughingly admitted, “Yeah, I am having fun with it.”

“It seems a little role-related. There was a period where the Mandalorian is very daddy to baby Grogu, and Joel is very daddy to Ellie [in “The Last of Us”]. These are daddy parts. That’s what it is,” Pascal added.