Jane Fonda found a way to get director Justine Triet’s attention after she left the stage without her award at the Cannes Film Festival over the weekend.

The filmmaker had been honoured with the Palme d’Or on Saturday for “Anatomy of the Fall”, but forgot to pick up her scroll as she walked off stage.

After attempting to tell her, Fonda, 85, ended up just throwing the certificate at Triet’s back, with the moment being caught on camera.

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Despite her efforts, Triet still didn’t seem to notice Fonda trying to get her attention.

Fonda has been sharing some special moments from her time at the French film festival.

She was thrilled to finally get the chance to meet Kate Winslet, sharing a photo of the pair on Instagram.

Fonda wrote, “And I finally met #KateWinslet, also a @lorealparis brand ambassador, and was able to tell her how much I admire her. @festivaldecannes”

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She also posed with Eva Longoria, as well as sharing snaps of her glamorous ensembles and a stunning view from her window.