Ryan Gosling helped John Stamos embrace his love of Disney.

Gosling famously began his Disney career by playing one of the Mouseketeers in “The Mickey Mouse Club” alongside the likes of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

Stamos told Keke Palmer’s “Baby, This Is Keke Palmer” podcast that six or seven years ago, he questioned whether he needed to “shed this Disney thing,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

He remembered thinking, “Who’s going to take me seriously with the Mickey Mouse stuff? I’ve got to distance myself from it.”

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However, Stamos — who stars in “Mickey Mouse Funhouse” — then met Gosling, who changed his mind.

The “Full House” star shared, “He’s like, ‘You’re a Disney fan?’ I go, ‘Yeah.’

“He goes, ‘I’m obsessed. I’m a Disney adult. I go there by myself. I wear headphones … I go on rides, I have a mixtape.’

“I go, ‘Yeah, me too. I’m a Disney guy too.’ So that kind of turned the corner for me.”

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Stamos insisted, “When you go through those gates, the rest of the world goes away.”

“It’s just so full of love and optimism and happiness,” he added. “When you go through the turnstile … everything else goes away.”