Retirement isn’t on the horizon for Jay Leno, but one circumstance would put his iconic career to a halt.

While chatting to Page SixLeno, 73, still going strong after a recent car fire and motorcycle accident, told the publication that he vows to continue working “unless I have a stroke.”

“Then you slow down,” continued the comedy legend while attending Saturday’s “Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge” premiere. “That’s when you retire — when you have your stroke.”

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Even after enduring two severe accidents within two months, the former “Tonight Show” host has continued drumming on.

Amidst a fiery incident last November, Leno’s antique vehicle unleashed an unexpected fire, leaving him with third-degree burns in his Los Angeles garage.

During a gruelling 10-day hospital stay, Leno faced two grafting procedures and a series of intense hyperbaric chamber sessions.

His unstoppable spirit drove him back to the inferno scene the day after his release. He then graced the stage within a week, delivering stand-up to a sold-out audience.

In January, his work ethic persisted as he sustained a broken collarbone, two broken ribs, and two cracked kneecaps after a motorcycle mishap. Within several days, the comedic king returned to delivering jokes to audiences.

Leno further divulged to Page Six that his recovery has been so positive that he has forgone physical therapy altogether.

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“I’m doing good! I’m doing good… It’s fine! I’m fine,’ Leno said, attributing his resilient perspective to recognizing his privilege, a key factor fueling his positive outlook.

“Look, when you’re in my position, when you’re any kind of celebrity, you’re luckier than most people,” he continued.

He added that “you can’t whine and complain” because “bad things happen to people every day,” but they “don’t have the financial wherewithal I did.”

“Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge”, which Leno is a guest judge on, premieres Tuesday, May 30, at 10:00 p.m. ET on NBC.