Lana Del Rey doesn’t leave home without her trusty vape.

The “Video Games” singer was onstage performing at the MITA Festival in Rio De Janeiro over the weekend when she lost her vape and asked the crowd for some help.

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In between songs, Lana made the callout, “And also if you see my vape on stage, can you find my vape on stage?”

Almost immediately, somebody near the front shouted that they had spotted the missing vape.

“You did?” Del Rey asked, walking toward the audience.

“Where, though? Oh, all the way in the pit?” she said, looking over the stage before saying, “F**k it,” and getting back to her performance.

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This wasn’t the first time Lana had lost a vape onstage before either. Back in 2019, she was performing in Portland when her device went missing.

In that case, though, as Page Six reported at the time, nobody was able to locate the device, and Lana similarly responded, “F**k it,” and proceeded with the show.

The concert in Brazil over the weekend was also Lana’s first in over three years, and saw the singer even pulling off a costume change, according to ET.

At one point, she wore a blonde, Marilyn Monroe-style wig, with a black dress suit, and later changed into a floral dress for the rest of the show.

Lana will continue playing the festival circuit throughout the summer, including a stop at the Festival D’été de Québec in Canada.