Horror movie legend Robert Englund, best known for portraying merciless nightmare murderer Freddy Krueger, is opening up about where he believes the character fell off the rails in the newer flicks.

The acclaimed horror movie vet, 75, recently shared his thoughts with Variety while discussing his upcoming documentary, “Hollywood Dreams & Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story”, which releases June 6.

Englund initially auditioned for Wes Craven’s 1984 smash “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, a low-budget hit which blossomed into a defining horror film, while filming another role for the movie “V”. After starring as the serial killer in a myriad of sequels and spin-offs, his final appearance was in the 2003 box office smash “Freddy vs. Jason”.

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In 2010’s remake of “Elm Street”, much to fan disapproval, Freddy was recast with Jackie Earle Haley. However, Englund isn’t part of the anti-Haley crowd and has glowing words to share about the actor.

“Jackie’s just so good, a wonderful actor, so I don’t think it was that,” he says about the negative reception surrounding the remake. 

Englund pin-pointed the mistake he believes the creators of the remake went wrong while creating the next chapter for the iconic horror villain.

“I’ve always thought that Freddy is described as a child killer. So when they made Freddy a child molester [in the remake], that’s not what Freddy is, I don’t think. By taking it to such a dark, dark place, there’s no room for the personality of Freddy to be exploited,” he explained.

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Unfortunately for fans, Englund won’t return to the silver screen anytime soon as Krueger, admitting that he’s “too old and thick to play Freddy now.”

“I just can’t do fight scenes for more than one take anymore, I’ve got a bad neck and bad back and arthritis in my right wrist. So I have to hang it up, but I would love to cameo.”

However, he has another Hollywood icon in mind to fill his blood-stained boots for the following role: Kevin Bacon.

“I know he respects the genre, and he’s such a fine physical actor,” he says.

“Hollywood Dreams & Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story” premieres on Screambox and Digital on June 6.