Bethenny Frankel dropped by “Live with Kelly and Mark” on Monday, where she was asked to weigh in on “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip”.

For the uninitiated, the latest entry in the “Real Housewives” franchise mixes things up by throwing together an assortment of alumna from the various “Housewives” shows in exotic locales, with the current season — the third — set in Thailand.

“My honest thoughts [are] that it’s brilliant of Bravo,” Frankel said of the series.

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As she explained, the women were negotiating their deals with Bravo. “The women that had been there thought they should be getting the money that they’d always gotten, or some that had been fired, and some that had not been there wanted to be paid equally, on this new show, and I think they all should have been paid equally, and they all would have got a lot more money had they negotiated like adults,” she said.

“But Bravo said, ‘You’re all out, we’re gonna take you for one week, pay you one week’s salary, and we’re gonna get six episodes,” Frankel continued, “so I think it’s genius.”

Co-host Kelly Ripa was impressed by Frankel’s savvy take, proclaiming that if she were ever contemplating entering the “Real Housewives” franchise, she’d ask for her advice.

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Frankel, however, has been there and done that, and explained why she longer offers any negotiating advice to prospective Housewives.

“What would happen is that six months from Thursday you’d be on a talk show talking about it and you’d be talking about everything I said to you, and you’d have something rude to say about me, and it would bite me in my a**,” she explained.