Ryan Gosling has a new relationship with acting.

In the new GQ cover story, the “Barbie” star opens up about his return to the big screen with director Greta Gerwig’s highly-anticipated comedy.

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The Canadian actor took a break from acting after starring in 2018’s Neil Armstrong biopic “First Man”. It wasn’t until last year that he made his comeback with the Netflix action-thriller “The Gray Man”.

Asked why he took the break, Gosling explained that the decision came after he and his partner Eva Mendes welcomed their second child.

“I wanted to spend as much time as I could with them,” he said.

In fact, taking the time off ended up changing his attitude toward his job as an actor, he explained.

“I treat it more like work now, and not like it’s, you know, therapy,” Gosling said. “It’s a job, and I think in a way that allows me to be better at it because there’s less interference.”

Photo: Gregory Harris/GQ
Photo: Gregory Harris/GQ

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In “Barbie”, Gosling plays Ken to Margot Robbie’s Barbie, and he shared what it was like developing such a blank slate of a character.

“Ken,” he said, “his job is beach. For 60 years, his job has been beach. What the f**k does that even mean?”

In fact, it was seeing how his daughter played with Barbie and Ken dolls that helped solidify his take on the iconic boyfriend doll.

“I did see him, like, face down in the mud outside one day, next to a squished lemon,” Gosling said, “and it was like, This guy’s story does need to be told, you know?”

“Barbie” opens in theatres July 21.