After years of bad blood between Kim Cattrall and her “Sex and the City” co-stars, she’ll be reprising her “SATC” chararacter, Samantha Jones, in the revival series “And Just Like That”.

On Wednesday, streaming service Max (formerly HBO Max) issued a tweet to confirm a report in the New York Post claiming that Cattrall had set aside her differences to play Samantha one more time.

According to the Post, Cattrall secretly filmed a scene — described as a “cliffhanger” — that will appear in the second season’s finale.

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An insider told the Post that Cattrall’s cameo was so “hush-hush” that she wasn’t listed on the call sheet, with few people told about the scene.

Staffers on the show were “definitely shocked, very intrigued on how they’re gonna write this in — and very excited,” the insider said. “She said she’d never do it! She said she’d never come back!”

Sources claim that Cattrall made a top-secret arrival in an SUV with black-tinted windows, with her scene reportedly shot in a town car in a parking garage near Silvercup Studios, where “And Just Like That” is shot.

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Variety had a few more details to offer, revealing Cattrall didn’t film with her former co-stars; the scene is said to feature Samantha (now living in London) having a telephone conversation with Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw.

The second season of “And Just Like That” debuts on Thursday, June 22.

Probably not coincidentally, Cattrall’s new Netflix series, “Glamorous”, premieres on the exact same day.