Given that the most recent entry in the “Magic Mike” franchise was titled “Magic Mike’s Last Dance”, is it reasonable to assume that Channing Tatum won’t be returning to his most iconic screen role?

“I am done. We did it all,” Tatum said of his titular male stripper in a new interview with People.

“We chewed all the meat off the bone on that one,” he explained. “There’s nothing left to do.”

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Would he perhaps return to the role in 30 or so years to play a geriatric exotic dancer?

“That would be the only thing I would come back for, ‘Grumpy Old Strippers’,” he joked. “Like ‘Grumpy Old Men: Septuagenarian Strippers’.”

Tatum echoed those sentiments in an interview with Forbes, while also pointing to the bizarre Hollywood math involved in whether or not a movie actually makes money.

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“The movie industry is just changing so much. It’s a different era now and it’s just getting crazier with the streamers. I do fear a little for the storytelling of it all. I think there will be less good storytelling and a lot more product out there,” he said.

“We made ‘Magic Mike 2’ for $12 million and they spent $60-$70 million to sell it,” he added. “So, we’re spending exponentially more money to sell a movie than actually make the thing for you. That should be the other way around. We could be spending the money on the thing that the viewer is actually going to get to see and now it’s just who can create the most noise to break through the cataclysmic wave of content coming out every single day.”