Hayley Kiyoko will continue to use her platform for good.

Earlier this month, the singer ignored police to bring drag queens out at her concert in Nashville, Tennessee, with her talking further about her decision in an interview with ET Canada’s Dallas Dixon.

Kiyoko, who has been dating “Bachelor” star Becca Tilley for five years — told Dixon of how important it is for her to use her voice in that way: “It’s extremely important. I think it’s in our human nature to show up for one another and to show up and know the difference between right and wrong. And, you know, it’s really unfortunate that in the US of A, we are trying to scare people and silence people through fear. And it’s not okay.

“And we won’t stop until we’re all able to be our true authentic selves and feel safe to do so. We have a very long way to go. And so it’s very important when you have an opportunity to to do what’s right and hopefully be safe in doing so… do you try to navigate it the best you can,” she continued.

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Kiyoko went on, “I mean, my show in Nashville was very challenging and my incredible drag queens felt comfortable in moving forward with the show. And so we did it and we’re not going to let them silence us. It’s just not okay. So it’s been really interesting touring in 2023. My last headlining tour was in 2018 and unfortunately, I feel like our country is going very backwards and it’s been a very different experience than the last time I was touring in 2018.”

Kiyoko previously took to Instagram to explain how she’d been “advised by local law enforcement that having a drag performance at my all ages show could result in legal action.” However, Kiyoko insisted the queens wanted to go ahead with the performance, anyway, so that’s exactly what they did.

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The actress is set to headline Canada’s first-ever queer music festival, Lavender Wild, in Toronto this weekend.

See more from her ET Canada interview in the clip below.