Simu Liu now has his own “Barbie” doll!

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Toy company Mattel unveiled its newest line of dolls on Thursday, based on the much anticipated “Barbie” movie starring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling and Liu.

One of the dolls features the Chinese Canadian actor’s Ken donning a disco tracksuit in gold and white.

Liu posted pictures of the doll to Instagram, with the simple caption: “whoa.”

Responses poured in fast for Liu’s post, and the doll’s appearance caused some disagreement among admirers.

Many applauded Simu’s doll as a representation win, although his isn’t the first Asian Ken doll. (That title, apparently, belongs to Samurai Ken, which hit shelves a decade ago.)

“10 years ago would you ever have thought that you’d be a Ken doll?! 🤌🏼 #representationmatters,” commented one fan on his post. “Bro what a W for the culture 😭” added another.

“You know You have made it when You have Your own Barbie. So Happy for You !!!” wrote one excited fan.

Others, however, felt Mattel could have done a better job getting the doll to resemble Liu.

“No offense but it doesn’t look like u 😂,” wrote one user.

“This looks nothing like Shangchi !” commented another.

In addition to Liu, the “Barbie” movie toy collection also features dolls based on Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie’s characters, with outfits that come straight from the film.