Actor Elliot Page has thought back on a challenging period in his life. “The Umbrella Academy” star came out as transgender in 2020. In an E! News exclusive peek at “The Freedom to Exist with Elliot Page: A Soul of a Nation Presentation,” an ABC News Pride Month program focusing on the trans community, he recently opened up about his prior difficulties with gender dysphoria.

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Elliot Page talked openly about how puberty caused his physique to alter. He claimed that this is when he started to experience a level of agony that was really corrosive and harmful.

“My body started to change and clothes sat on me differently, and all of that just was, really was the beginning of really sort of disconnecting from myself and feeling a degree of discomfort that was very erosive and damaging,” Page shares in a sneak peek clip of the sit-down that was shared by “Good Morning America.”

Elliot Page claimed that during that period, he was relentlessly tormented at school. It increased one’s sense of guilt and “self-disgust.”

“I think with gender dysphoria, it’s being assigned a gender at birth based on your genitalia,” he continued. Page added, “and that being the reality of not who you are—and the incongruence and disconnect with that—just continues to chip away at you.”

Page also spoke about “gender dysphoria,” which is defined by the Mayo Clinic as “the feeling of discomfort or distress that might occur in people whose gender identity differs from their sex assigned at birth or sex-related physical characteristics.”

“It especially became complicated as an actor because people would just go, ‘You’re an actor, just put on the f**king clothes,'” he says. “But needless to say, it was so much more than that.”

In his upcoming biography, “Pageboy,” which will be released on June 6, Page, who came out as a transgender guy in December 2020, opens up about his journey.