Kelly Ripa received a NSFW photo while she was at work from her good friend Andy Cohen.

Cohen appeared as a guest on Ripa’s “Let’s Talk Off Camera” podcast, with the “Live with Kelly and Mark” host speaking about the time she opened up an X-rated photo of another man’s penis, sent to her by Cohen.

Ripa explained, “So, my work iPad is open, and I’m sitting here reading through my notes, and [‘Live’ Executive Producer Michael Gelman] is over my shoulder trying to show me something. And suddenly, a completely erect penis pops up,” she added, according to TooFab.

She clarified, “So it’s not a phone, it’s my iPad,” explaining the size difference.

“Sorry, Kel,” Cohen — who has been promoting his new book The Daddy Diaries: The Year I Grew Up — admitted, as Ripa continued, “Let’s call him Bobby. It just says, ‘Bobby’s c—,’ and it’s, like, text from Andy Cohen, ‘Bobby’s c—.'”

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Cohen had been sent the photo as he was considering having a threesome with a straight married couple from Boston.

“I had already texted Kelly the night before saying, ‘I think I’m going to lose my virginity tomorrow in Boston, because this couple had presented themselves to me,'” Cohen remembered, admitting the threesome didn’t end up happening.

Cohen spoke about the whole thing in his 2016 book Superficial.

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During the chat, Ripa admitted she and husband Mark Consuelos were often a little “nervous” about Cohen’s sex shenanigans.

She told Cohen, “Mark and I get very nervous with this stuff on your behalf.

“I’m constantly convinced that it’s going to be a couple of serial killers. I’ve had this discussion with you many times, where I’m so afraid for your life.”