Kelly Clarkson just released her latest Chemistry track “i hate love”, featuring Steve Martin on the banjo.

Clarkson posted a clip of her singing the track live at The Belasco theatre in Los Angeles on YouTube.

The song’s lyrics reference two movies, one featuring Ryan Gosling and the other Steve Martin.

In the clip, Clarkson jokingly took a swipe at the “bulls**t” 2004 film “The Notebook”, starring Gosling, while praising the 2009 flick “It’s Complicated” starring Martin and Meryl Streep.

Clarkson insisted the latter was more “real life.”

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She then joked about “picking Martin over Gosling any day” as she confirmed the track was out now on Twitter.

Clarkson recently chatted about her collab with Martin in an interview with ET Canada’s Brittnee Blair.

She gushed, “I still can’t believe it happened!”

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The “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” hitmaker went on, “I was like ‘I wonder if he would play on it’ because its like a pop punk song, ‘I wonder if he’d do it’ and he said yes! And I’m such a fan of his.

“Movies can be really ingrained in like a part of our lives and [they’re] so nostalgic, just like music. And so, you know, to be able to work with someone that’s just been in my life, like visually, since I was a little girl is incredible.”

See more from Clarkson’s ET Canada chat in the clip below.