Count the Governator as a big Toronto fan.

With the release of his new series “FUBAR”, Arnold Schwarzenegger sat down for a “Q&Eh” interview with Netflix in Your Neighbourhood, praising the city where the show was shot.

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“We’ve gained tremendous respect for the Canadians,” he said in the video.

“What I remember was the extraordinary bicycle rides that I’ve taken. We went down to the river and the city was beautiful. The people were so nice, even when you screwed up and you almost ran someone over. You know, they would apologize to you,” Schwarzenegger added.

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In fact, Schwarzengger was spotted riding his bike around Toronto with co-star Tom Arnold while he was filming the series.

“I mean the Canadian people are just very very sweet and very kind,” he added.

“FUBAR” premiered on Netflix on May 25.