Kylie Minogue has seen those “Padam Padam” memes… and she loves them.

The singer chatted to ET Canada Pride’s Dallas Dixon, with the host commenting on how much love the single had been getting online.

As Dixon pointed out the memes, Minogue replied, “Stop it! No, don’t stop it!”

Dixon insisted: “I cannot with the memes for this. Are you on Twitter just laughing your butt off at these like I am?” as Minogue responded, “I am! I don’t know if this has ever happened to me!

“People are SO funny and so clever and I think it’s only just begun, so yeah, I love seeing them!!”

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Dixon also mentioned that Minogue was set to release her 16th studio album Tension later this year, following the release of 2020’s Disco.

Minogue said of whether she felt pressure to match Disco’s success, “Ummmm, it should, but did it?

“I was about to say no, but then I just dialed back to the sleepless nights.

“That was just my pressure, I didn’t feel outside pressure,” she went on, adding: “I wanted to be back in the world, and I wanted to be able to deliver…’Tension’…that doesn’t sound great!”

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Dixon then commented on Minogue’s latest single screaming “freedom” and “liberation” to him, to which Minogue insisted she was feeling those things.

She shared, “It’s a different state of mind for me.”

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