AC Bonifacio is ready to take on the world.

The Filipino-Canadian TikTok star released her single “4 Myself” last week, and she sat down with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman to talk about her success as a dancer and singer.

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Now 20 years old, Bonifacio came to worldwide attention after appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” at age 11.

“That was the start of everything. I wouldn’t be here doing this interview with you if it weren’t for that,” she said, looking back. “That started up so many opportunities, opened so many doors for me, and now I get to do it in my home country and I get to inspire little kids, just like me before. So ‘Ellen’ was the biggest opportunity ever, honestly.”

Asked how she handled the pressure of appearing on the show, Bonifacio admitted, “I get nervous, but the excitement overpowers it all the time. So I just wanted to go on that stage and perform my heart out and not regret anything once I was done. And I just let it happen.

Given her dance skills, Bonifacio was also asked, if she had the choice, who would she most want to face in a dance-off.

“I am in my K-pop phase right now. I am in love with K-pop. So I got to say BLACKPINK’s Lisa,” she said, adding, “I know she’s going to beat me. I know if it’s a dance off, I know she’s going to beat me, and that’s okay. It would be an honour. But, ah, even just being in her presence would be an honour.”

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The artist also talked about her Filipino background, and how that culture has inspired her and her work.

“When I was in Canada, I was born around a Filipino community. I was constantly performing for our independence days. And actually my first genre of dance was Filipino cultural dances,” she said. “So that was always a part of me, and my family was always there to teach me about our culture and everything.”

Bonifacio continued, “I was always interested about being back here, being in the Philippines, being in my home country. And when I finally got here, it’s a beautiful culture that you really need to be here to learn more about and experience it. But it’s just nice to be able to do it for my people.”