Arnold Schwarzenegger unleashes his inner prankster in a new video shared by Netflix to promote his new spy thriller series “FUBAR”.

In the video, his co-stars are assembling for a photo shoot, not knowing that he’s hiding behind a poster being used as a backdrop, and can hear every word they say.

“Is he always this late?” someone asks, with another answering, “Yeah.”

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Then, he bursts through the poster, growling and grunting, to the surprise of his co-stars.

“Come on, get your act together,” Schwarzenegger tells the other actors.

“I am so glad you asked that question, am I always late. Someone threw me under the bus, within seconds,” he declares, jokingly adding, “This is too late now. There’s no making up now.”

For his next prank, Schwarzenegger is seen, in hiding, watching co-star Fortune Feimster filming a promotional video. As soon as she takes a sip of water, he calls for an air horn to blare.

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Feimster, however, was non-plussed. “Was that supposed to scare me?” she tells someone off-camera. “Did you lear that prank from Arnold?”

Finally, another prank is seen being set up, with a makeup person disguising Schwarzenegger as a plant — one of three behind the “FUBAR” cast as they sit in director’s chairs for what is presumably an interview.

Once again, the rest of the actors await Schwarzenegger’s arrival.

“Is he gonna jump through the bushes this time?” one of the actors asks — just before Schwarzenegger does just that.

“Hasta la vista, baby,” the “Terminator” star quips.

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The video can be seen right here.

“FUBAR” is streaming now.