For Amanda Seyfried, her latest role as an investigator in Apple TV+’s “The Crowded Room” came effortlessly.

The Oscar-nominated actress recently sat down with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman, discussing her love for “Dateline” and her natural role as an interrogator with her kids.

When asked if the role of interrogator comes naturally to the star, Seyfried responded with a resounding “yes.”

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“Not only am I a big fan of ‘Dateline’, but I’m curious about people,” said Seyfried. “I am very inquisitive. I love getting to know people. I love asking questions. This whole thing came naturally to me.”

Seyfried continued voicing excitement about her character on the series, emphasizing that “she’s a mom, and she’s ambitious in her career, and like, she’s making mistakes in front of us and she’s learning from them.”

Based on true events and the crimes of Billy Milligan, “The Crowded Room” follows the arrest of Danny Sullivan, played by Tom Holland, for his involvement in shooting at Rockefeller Center.

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Seyfried plays investigator Rya Goodwin who helps dig into Sullivan’s psyche to understand why he committed the devastating crime.

When asked about interrogating her kids as they enter teen-hood, Seyfried said she’s “already like that.”

“So what happened in school today? Did you do you hang out with so and so? Did you hang out with so-and-so? How would you feel about” said the star, a mom to 6-year-old Nina and 2-year-old Thomas, with husband Thomas Sadoski.

“I just need to know the truth immediately,” adds Seyfried. “If the truth is to be had, and someone has it, then I’m gonna ask them for it.”

“The Crowded Room” premieres with its first three episodes on Friday, June 9 on Apple TV+. The series will roll out with one new installment each week through Friday, July 28.