Tom Holland’s “infectious” energy on set of “The Crowded Room” helped bring the cast together.

While chatting with the actor’s co-stars Amanda Seyfried, who portrays the curious interrogator Rya Goodwin to Holland’s Danny Sullivan — a man who is arrested following his involvement in a New York City shooting in 1979 — and Emmy Rossum, who plays Danny’s mother Candy, the actresses both agreed that Holland’s “passion” on set could definitely be felt.

Seyfried told ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman that Holland, who not only stars in the thriller series but also serves as an executive producer, was “so enthusiastic” about the job.

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“I remember we all had this huge dinner after or before our table read, and he’s just like [how] he was in it. He was so happy to be finally, like, starting this because he had been on that journey — I think he’d been attached to [the project] for a while — And his energy about it was infectious. His investment in it really helped everybody come together,” the “Mamma Mia!” star, 37, said of Holland, 27.

“Then he had shot a lot of stuff and then finally when I came in to start working a couple of months into the shoot, it was just the two of us in this room for three weeks straight,” she recalled. “It was intense, but it was also kind of nice. It was kind of cozy in a way. We were dealing with incredible subject matter, but slowly. And the challenge was not to give anything away. It’s crazy.”

As for Rossum, 36, she “certainly” could feel Holland’s passion on set.

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“And these are incredibly emotional scenes for everybody involved,” she noted before recounting the emotional roller coaster she and Holland experienced while filming together. “I remember after a scene that we filmed on the porch, he just kind of came over and gave me a hug and we just like, stood quietly there hugging for a while.

“I think even though these characters and stories are so different from our own, the feelings that you experience are quite real,” she added.

The first three episodes of “The Crowded Room” premiere June 9 on Apple TV+.