Taylor Swift is celebrating Pride Month with a message of inclusion.

On Friday night, Swift took to the stage of Chicago’s Soldier Field, where she kicked off Pride Month with a powerful message for her queer fans.

“I love you already, you know? I don’t want to come on too strong, but I already love you. First things first, Happy Pride Month, everyone!” she told the crowd of 61,500.

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“On this tour, I get to look out into the most stunningly beautiful, brilliant crowds of people who are living their authentic lives. They are loving who they want to love, they are identifying how they identify, and allies who get to support them and celebrate them in that,” she continued.

“It’s the most beautiful experience for me to look out into the crowds on this tour, I’m looking out tonight I’m seeing so many incredible, just, individuals who are living authentically and beautifully, and this is a safe space for you,” she told the crowd during the latest stop on her Eras tour. “This is a celebratory space for you.”

She continued by praising her audiences for being “so loving, and so thoughtful, and so caring” with each other.

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“And so being with you during Pride Month, getting to sing the words to ‘You Need To Calm Down’, where there are lyrics like, ‘Can you just not step on his gown?’ or ‘Shade never made anybody less gay.’ You guys are screaming those lyrics in such solidarity, and such support of one another, and such encouraging, beautiful, acceptance, and peace, and safety, and I wish that every place was safe and beautiful for people in the LGBTQ community. I really wish that,” she added.

Swift continued by addressing the anti-LGBTQ+ legislation being introduced in Republican-majority states throughout the U.S.

“Because we can’t talk about Pride Month without talking about pain. Right now and recently and in the recent years, there have been so many harmful pieces of legislation that have put people in the LGBTQ and queer community at risk,” she continued before reminding her fans that each and every one of them holds the power of their vote.

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“It’s painful for everyone, every ally, every loved one, every person in these communities, and that’s why I’m always posting, ‘This is when the midterms are. This is when these important key primaries are.’ Because we can support as much as we want during Pride Month, but if we’re not doing our research on these elected officials: Are they advocates? Are they allies? Are they protectors of equality? Do I want to vote for them?” she said.

“I love you guys so much, and happy Pride Month, and just, I adore you — I really do,” Swift concluded.