Snoop Dogg is standing in solidarity with Hollywood writers who are demanding better pay and contracts for their work.

On Saturday, the rapper showed his support by sharing footage from a protest that took place in Los Angeles on Friday, uploading photos and videos from the rally.

“Got 2 support !!” Snoop captioned a post, which included images of Death Row Records pioneer, K Dubb, and Los Angeles based hip-hop radio host, Big Boy. While it’s unclear whether or not Snoop was in attendance, it appears he and fellow rapper Dr. Dre contributed to the protest by sponsoring food like wings, waffles and bagels for protesters, as seen below in photos of signage from the event.

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Snoop also shared a photo of members of his record label at the protest alongside the caption: “@deathrowrecords we stand with the Writter’s [sic].”

In addition to offering his support, Snoop also pushed back his summer concerts amid the ongoing Writers Guild of America [WGA] strike.

On Friday, he announced via Instagram that two of his upcoming shows celebrating the 30th anniversary of his debut studio album, Doggystyle, have been postponed and shared the rescheduled dates.

“Hollywood Bowl! June 26 and 27, we gotta move that date!” Snoop said in a video. “Me and Dr. Dre, we stand in solidarity with the writers, so what we’re gonna do, we gonna push it back to Oct. 20 and Oct. 21.”

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In the caption of his post, which also included a snapshot of him and Dr. Dre laying on a grass field, Snoop explained that they decided to reschedule the shows “due to the ongoing WGA strike and the DGA [Directors Guild of America] and SAG/AFTRA [Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists] negotiations.

“We stand in solidarity with the unions and are hopeful that the AMPTP [Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers] will negotiate fair deals as soon as possible and everybody can get back to work,” he concluded.

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Last month, Snoop offered support to those on strike during a panel with his Gamma business partner, Larry Jackson.

“[Artists] need to figure it out the same way the writers are figuring it out,” he said. “The writers are striking because [of] streaming, they can’t get paid. Because when it’s on the platform, it’s not like in the box office.

“I don’t understand how the f**k you get paid off of that sh*t,” he continued. “Somebody explain to me how you can get a billion streams and not get a million dollars?… That’s the main gripe with a lot of us artists is that we do major numbers… but it don’t add up to the money. Like, where the f**k is the money?”

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