Kaley Cuoco really hopes she and boyfriend, Tom Pelphrey, will one day get the chance to work together.

“We really do want to,” the “Flight Attendant” actress, 37, told E! News of potentially getting to share the screen with her partner, whom she’s been dating for over a year.

“It’ll have to be something very special,” she noted, “but we would love to do that.”

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Though Pelphrey, 40 — who starred in “Ozark”, as well as the new Elizabeth Olsen-led series “Love & Death” — has yet to star next to his beau, their 2-month-old daughter, Matilda, already has. The couple’s first child together worked alongside her momma, who was pregnant while filming Peacock’s upcoming series, “Based on a True Story”. Cuoco worked on set up until three weeks before delivering her daughter.

She hilariously revealed how her pregnancy cravings affected her co-stars, including Chris Messina, Tom Bateman, Natalia Dyer, Liana Liberato and Priscilla Quintana.

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“[I] made everyone eat everything that I ate,” the actress shared.

“Taco Bell, Del Taco, donuts—it was disturbing,” Cuoco continued. “Everyone had to get trainers when we got off the show. They were all mad at me, I had to pay for all their trainers and gym memberships.”

The “Big Bang Theory” alum then joked that her baby girl was “very mad that she didn’t get a credit in this show.”

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“She’s like, ‘Shouldn’t I be coming to the premiere?'” Cuoco said. “I was like, ‘You have to go to bed.’ It was a big conversation, but she’ll learn.”

Peacock’s comedy-thriller, “Based on a True Story”, premieres June 8 on the streamer.