“The Idol” viewers weren’t impressed when the series made its debut on Sunday night, but The Weeknd knew such a reaction was coming.

The Canadian hitmaker, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, told the New York Times of the TV show: “When I first started making music, it was the exact same thing.

“It was provocative, and I knew it was going to be tough for people. And a lot of people didn’t like it.”

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“Not to compare it, but I feel that this is kind of like that again. This is not going to be for everybody, and that’s fine. We’re not politicians,” he added, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Some criticized the show’s sex scenes, while others commented on the amount of nudity.

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A synopsis for “The Idol” reads: “After a nervous breakdown derailed Jocelyn’s [played by Lily-Rose Depp] last tour, she’s determined to claim her rightful status as the greatest and sexiest pop star in America.

“Her passions are reignited by Tedros [The Weeknd], a nightclub impresario with a sordid past. Will her romantic awakening take her to glorious new heights or the deepest, darkest, depths of her soul?”

Despite the criticism, the show received a great response at Cannes Film Festival. See more in the clip below.