Ezra Miller is trying to keep out of the spotlight.

With superhero blockbuster “The Flash” about to hit theatres, Variety reports that its star will be making just one public appearance, at the film’s L.A. premiere on June 12.

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It will also be a low-profile appearance, with sources saying Miller will be posing for photos, but will not be speaking with the press.

“Ezra wants the movie to open and the conversation to be about the movie and not about Ezra,” a source close to Miller told Variety. “They are focused on their mental health and don’t want it to be transactional.”

A source also explained that the decision to have just one premiere, only days before the film’s theatrical release, was made “to keep the ‘secret ending’ under wraps.”

Director Andy Muschietti and stars Ben Affleck, Sasha Calle and Michael Shannon will be on hand at the premiere as well.

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Miller has been the subject of much controversy in recent years due to erratic public behaviour, legal troubles, accusations of kidnapping and more.

Last summer, they sought treatment for “complex mental health issues,” describing the preceding period as “a time of intense crisis.”

“The Flash” hits theatres June 16.