Despite her iconic career basking underneath the spotlight as a supermodel, Brooke Shields revealed why she “fought” against her daughter Grier’s dreams to become a model.

In a “Live with Kelly and Mark” interview on Thursday, the 58-year-old cover girl – who began modelling as a child – shared that she didn’t want her 17-year-old daughter to follow her lead.

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Although Grier has begun making a mark in the modelling industry, the “Blue Lagoon” star voiced her opposition to the current state of the modelling world.

“The rules have changed since I was [a model],” she began.

Shields, unwavering in her stance, revealed that while Grier has been engaging in “little things here and there” within the modelling realm, she remains steadfast in her decision to discourage her daughter from pursuing a career as a runway model.

“I fought it for so long,” she remembered. “It’s such a different industry now than it was.”

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The “Pretty Baby” star highlighted the added pressures faced by models in today’s era compared to the past. Reflecting on her earlier days, she remarked: “We didn’t have social media when I was a model,” she further described the current modelling industry as a “rat race.”

“That’s brutal and backstage is just brutal,” she said of her daughter’s desires to pursue a catwalk career. “I never did runway. I don’t think I would’ve been able to handle it.”

After some contemplation, she admitted: “I had to give in,” but found a middle ground by establishing firm boundaries. Insisting that her daughter still enrolled in college, she asserted: “It’s not going to be comfortable, and you’re going to listen to me. Those are my rules.”

The “Suddenly Susan” star also shares daughter Rowan, 20, with esteemed film director and husband Chris Henchy.