Janelle Monáe would love to do another “Knives Out” movie.

The singer — who is set to release her new album The Age of Pleasure on June 9 — chatted to ET Canada’s Jed Tavernier about her role as Andi Brand in 2022’s “Glass Onion”.

She said of whether she’d return to do another “Knives Out” flick: “I would be honoured. But Rian [Johnson] is not going to cast [you] if you’ve already done ‘Knives Out’ with the exception of Daniel Craig, because he has to be the detective Benoit Blanc that comes in.

“Maybe I’ll get plastic surgery and I’ll just become a new actor and then I’ll audition and then I’ll get it,” she joked, adding: “I love those murder mysteries.”

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Elsewhere in the chat, Monáe spoke about her mom Janet’s reaction to her song “Lipstick Lover”, in which she commented on the amount of booty in the video, as well as saying she predicted it’d go “triple golden.”

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Monáe — who came out as pansexual in 2018 before coming out as non-binary last year — said of how important her mom’s support has been in terms of her success, “It’s everything… it feels good when your mom supports you. It really does. It really feels good, you know, because she has her life. I have mine. And for us to be able to meet each other on these journeys, her to respect me as non-binary, being pansexual.

“Like for her to just in her own way, you know, accept me means the world. You know, she brought me into this world. And I’ve always, I guess, sought out her approval. So it feels good to have that.”