Elizabeth Olsen has spoken candidly about the challenges of filming the grisly axe murder scene in her true-crime series “Love & Death.”

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“Lily was six months pregnant. It was awful. She had a double. And they also could erase [her belly] in post. But she was in a little shirt with a six-month belly! It was crazy. And she really wanted to do everything,” Olsen said.

Recalling directing one of the most harrowing tasks, director Lesli Linka Glatter said:

“This is a story about the kind of hole in one’s heart and psyche and spirit that many women of that time experienced,” Glatter explained. “They did everything right. They got married young. They had the kids. They lived in the nice community. Why do you feel so empty inside?”

The director even extended the ability to call “cut” to anyone in the room, “whether it was the cameraman, whether it was Lily or Lizzie, anyone who was in that space as part of this scene. If something was happening, say cut. I wanted everyone to know that that was a possibility because the most important thing was everyone felt that they were in a safe place doing a very unsafe scene.”

Lily Rabe, who has played countless such roles for years, dubbed it “one of the most painful scenes that I’ve shot in my career.”

“I really could barely brush my teeth,” says Rabe. “I couldn’t shake the scene until it was over. I couldn’t let go of it. It felt a bit like pulling a rubber band as tight as you can and holding it right at the point before it’s going to snap until it does, and you can’t let go. And I was very pregnant at the time.”

Glatter added: “I can tell you when these two incredible actors started inhabiting that scene, I thought my heart was going to explode, it was so upsetting. At the end of each day, we just held each other.”