Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet are friendship goals!

Over the weekend, the “Dune 2” co-stars showed off their epic dance moves while attending Zendaya’s assistant, Darnell Appling’s “Freaknik”-themed birthday party.

In videos shared to social media, Zendaya, who was dressed casually in a white cropped tank and baggy blue jeans, was seen line dancing to Beyoncé’s version of “Before I Let Go.”

Chalamet, meanwhile, sported a retro Lakers jersey, which he paired with kiwi-green basketball shorts, Batman socks, and multicoloured Nikes, as he made his way to the centre of a dance circle to show off how he gets down.

The two stars momentarily donned custom shirts for the birthday bash, with per a fan account read, “Darnell’s Freaknik ’23 shirt” at some point during the day.

It’s not a big surprise that the pair were seen hanging out off-set and away from the red carpet, as the two have been vocal about their close bond.

In fact, Zendaya has previously said that she and Chalamet will be “friends for life,” with Chalamet seconding the feeling, admitting thatZendaya has practically “become a sister” to him.

ET spoke to the pair while promoting the first installment in the “Dune” franchise, where the red carpet darlings couldn’t help but praise each other’s fashion sense.

“We had been talking about looks for a while,” Zendaya said of their fashion-forward press tour.

“We probably were embarrassingly excited about this press tour,” Chalamet added. “I feel like an amateur — Zendaya’s been doing this for years and crushing it.”

“Listen, I was excited to do it with this guy, ’cause I know he appreciates and understands fashion,” Zendaya added of her co-star.

In addition to their fierce style, the pair touched on bonding on the set of the sci-fi epic, and even hanging with Appling while filming.

“I was just super grateful when Zendaya got there,” Chalamet admitted. “I was getting along with everyone — I don’t want to sound ageist, but it was great to have someone of the same age, same generation. Also, her assistant, Darnell. We had a really great time, and obviously on set, took the material as seriously as it required, but off set we were losing our minds — in a good way.”


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