Chris Hemsworth adores his wife.

In a new profile at GQ, the “Thor” star opened up about his marriage to fellow actor Elsa Pataky, and how they’ve kept things working well for over a decade.

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“We were having kids the same time my career was taking off, same time we were getting married, same time we were getting to know each other,” he said “It feels like we got to know each other halfway through our relationship, five, six years ago. In a beautiful way. Once our kids were out of nappies, things became a bit more manageable.”

Talking about their rock solid relationship, Hemsworth explained that it’s all built on friendship and their desire to “have a good time, to laugh, and be involved in new adventures”.

He added, “Her sacrifice, commitment, work, support, forgiveness – everything that she has given me over the years has been incredible. I couldn’t have done any of the things I’ve done without it.”

The couple first met in 2010 and got married only months later. They welcomed daughter India in 2012 and twins Tristan and Sasha in 2014.

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The also talked about feeling like his life was on fast-forward at the time when their children were born.

“From when ‘Thor’ started to the last couple of years,” Hemsworth said, “I was going from one film to another, didn’t know if the phone was going to stop ringing. I’d spent so many years coming up thinking, Am I going to make it? And once it starts to roll you’re like, I don’t want to get off this train. This could be my one shot.

“All of these beautiful moments were rapidly flying past me,” he recalled, explaining that things became clear to him while shooting his “Limitless” docuseries. “It made me just kind of want to wrap that show and get back and see my family. And I did.”